The Pastoral and Finance Councils for Holy Spirit Parish assist the pastor in the planning and administration of the parish, respectively.  They meet six times a year: meetings are published in the bulletin and are open to all.  Each member is a registered member of the parish and is a faithful contributor to the parish with his or her time, talent, and/or treasure.  Each is either elected or appointed for two year terms that can be renewed for up to a maximum of six years of service.  They represent a wide cross-section of the parish so as to offer the pastor the best advice possible.  Anyone interested in serving on either of these Councils should send a note to the pastor indicating his/her interest.

To view the 2020-2021 Annual Financial Report for the parish, click here.

To view the 2020-2021 Annual Financial Report for the Child Development Academy, click here.

Jorge Bellas

Finance Council

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Roger DeValcourt

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Nancy Feliciano

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Romano Kidd

Pastoral Council

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Cynthia Lacour

Finance Council

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Bob Massey

Pastoral & Finance Council

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Shauna Muhl

Finance Committee

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Jodi Priefer

Pastoral Council

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Ronnie Yaden

Finance Council

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